Appweb Solutions

Appweb is designed and optimized to host dynamic web applications. This solutions section explores the more common and some interesting applications of Appweb.

Embedded Device Management

embeddedIf you are creating an embedded system and need web access to that system for management or to communicate with your applications, then Appweb is an ideal solution. It is compact and fast and will consume few precious system resources while it offers a secure HTTP channel to your devices.

Enterprise Applications


Appweb is the ideal solution to host your PHP or Ejscript web application. Running behind Apache as a reverse proxy, it provides fantastic performance, scalability and uses minimal memory. Compared to running your app solely in Apache, this configuration will reduce hardware costs and boost response.

Personal Web Servers

dellIf you need a personal web server to develop and test out your application before deployment, then Appweb is the big/little web server for you. Big on security and performance and little on impact to your system.

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