Solution Spotlight - Key Ring Web Server

There have been some pretty small web servers using tiny embedded systems, but this must be the smallest and most portable web server implementation.

Campbell Anderson put his entire web site with applications, scripting and searching onto a key ring USB disk. He tells his story ...

usb"I had been searching for an embedded web server for weeks and was even looking at the possibility of developing a hardware based system, but then I stumbled across Appweb.

I wanted a solution that would allow me (and reps) to carry round working examples of PHP-based websites and to demo applications to potential customers.

Alternatives needed installation, a lot of configuration and had a large footprint on system resources. I didn't realize how simple it could be! To download and set it up on a USB Key card took 10 mins."

Campbell Anderson, Design Developer Arcad Ltd.

Easy to Embed

Appweb is self-contained with no external references. So you can easily put an entire web site on a CD or USB key ring. Even if you are using PHP and have many pages to your application, it is easily stored on a key ring!

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