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GoAhead Web Server

red The GoAhead Web Server is the world's most popular embedded web server. It is a fast, compact and simple to use. GoAhead is deployed in hundreds of millions of devices and is ideal for all kinds of embedded devices and applications.


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Questions and Answers

Why is Embedthis Software supporting and distributing the GoAhead Web Server?

The GoAhead Web Server was originally written by Michael O'Brien CEO of Embedthis and it remains a very popular to this day. With the acquisition of GoAhead by Oracle, Oracle asked Embedthis to support existing GoAhead Web Server customers and to offer commercial licenses for the GoAhead Web Server.

How does the GoAhead Web Server compare with Appweb?

The GoAhead Web Server is a simple, compact web server that has been widely ported to many embedded operating systems. Appweb is faster and more powerful — but requires more memory. If you need a very simple, low end web server and have little memory available, the GoAhead Web Server is ideal. If you need higher performance and extended security, then Appweb is the right choice.


The GoAhead software is distributed under commercial and GPL open source licenses. The GPL open source License does not generally permit incorporating this software into non-open source programs. Commercial licenses for this software and support services are available from Embedthis Software.

Commercial License

For those customers who do not wish to comply with the GPL open source license requirements, Embedthis offers a full commercial license without any of the GPL restrictions. Read the Licensing section for more detail or contact for details about the commercial license.

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