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Seven Things to Like About ESP

ESP Embedthis ESP™ is the amazing C web framework that operates at "thought speed".

Designed for embedded devices and high performance web services, ESP is exceptionally fast, close to the hardware, yet offers features normally found only in larger enterprise web frameworks — Amazing.

Here I list the top ten things I really like about ESP.

Seven Things to Like About Appweb

appweb Embedthis Appweb™ is known as the fastest, little embedded web server, and Appweb 4 is a major upgrade to this little powerhouse. If you are using Appweb 3 or 2, Appweb 4 has some compelling reasons to upgrade. Here I list the top seven things I really like about Appweb 4.

Appweb on Tiny Devices

Nslu2 We’ve been porting Appweb to various embedded environments including VxWorks, Windows CE and several embedded Linux platforms, but the OpenWrt platform has been a favorite. It is an Open Source Linux firmware project for devices such as the Linksys NSLU2 pictured here. Whereas other projects try to cram in a lot of functionality and leave precious little flash and RAM space available, OpenWrt configures a bare minimal system which leaves a lot of space for new apps.

Appweb 4 Arrives

Appweb 4 It has been a long time coming, but Appweb 4.0 is here! It has been two years of development and test followed by a long beta period.

This is a huge release and a big advance over its predecessor in nearly every aspect. Performance has been enhanced, and there are powerful new capabilities such as the Embedded Server Pages web framework and the new request Router. But most of all, there are hundreds of little improvements that add up to the fastest and most secure embedded web server.

Javascript for Embedded Servers

Thanks to round #2 of the browser wars, we have a strong set of Javascript engines from which to choose. But oh, the memory bloat. With multiple code generators and two or three interpreters being used in browser Javascript engines, none are suitable for embedded any more. We need a small. compliant Javascript for embedded. Enter Ejscript, designed specifically for embedded and to minimize memory consumption.

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